How Much Does a 30-Second Commercial Cost?


It depends. If you want to buy an ad that airs during Sunday Night Football, prepare to shell out around $512,000. But if you're willing to slum it for an ad during Nikita, consider a spot yours for the low, low price of around $29,000. Ad Age's rough breakdown of commercial costs is fun to ponder — Idol ads cost $468,100 during the results show! — especially as it points to the value of shows not just in popularity but also in likelihood of being watched live. Take The Simpsons: It's not exactly the ratings powerhouse it once was, but it's still a top ten most-expensive show for advertisers, pulling in around $254,000 per spot. Monday's most expensive series for advertisers is Two and a Half Men ($252,000), Tuesday's is Glee ($267,000), Wednesday's and Thursday's are both X Factor ($320,000 and $283,000), poor Friday's is Blue Bloods ($76,000), and Saturday's is college football ($85,000). Time to start saving up that allowance money, kids. [Ad Age]