‘AHHH! ... Oh, It’s Only You’: Watch a Supercut of Fake-Out Horror Movie Scares


It's Halloween, a time when everyone likes to get scared. The question is, do you prefer getting real scared or fake scared? All the best horror movies have both kinds: There's the moment when the creepy music builds and the serial killer really comes bursting out of a closet, but then there's also the inevitable moment when the creepy music builds and someone bursts out of a closet much like a serial killer would ... but it's really just the heroine's best friend who has decided that the best way to say hi to his very tense pal is to leap out of the blackness like a crazy person. Friendship! So in the spirit of these pants-soiling red herrings, here's our supercut of fake scares, complete with evil-clown-costumed practical jokers, cats jumping out of blackness, and the insensitive buddy who comes POPPING THROUGH A WINDOW JUST TO SAY HEY THERE! Happy Halloween! (For real.)