Drake Introduces the ‘Dinner Sweater’ Concept


In the video for "Headlines," the first single off Drake's upcoming sophomore album, Take Care, we're treated to a number of bold new fashion statements from Canada's most sensitive rapper: There's a snazzy seventies-style patterned button-down; some ambiguously tinted eyewear (are those sunglasses, or the glasses that switch back and forth depending on the sunlight?); and a pinky ring. But all sartorial attention here will — of course — be focused on the amazing crewneck sweater that Drake wears to preside over an opulent dinner party. The Dinner Sweater! At Drizzy's house, the dress code is "Sweaters and Pinky Rings Required" after 7 p.m. The rest of the video is light on knitwear, but heavy on Toronto landmarks and dudes standing around looking serious; at one point, Drake manages to open the Skydome roof with the power of his many complex emotions. But watch closely and you will catch one genuine smile on the usually morose rapper's face — and yes, it's when he's rocking the Dinner Sweater. Happy Drake, we're on to you.