ABC Ordered a Show That’s a Cross Between The X-Files and The West Wing


Jon Favreau, Roberto Orci, Seth Green, and Michael Dougherty are working on a sci-fi drama called Ex-Comm, which is "a cross between the paranormal suspense of The X-Files and the political intrigue of The West Wing," according to Deadline. To the surprise of no one, ABC snatched up the show and gave it a put-pilot commitment. The series would follow a new administration and its executive committee (hence the title), who investigate "strange occurrences" and "conspiracy theory truths." Green and Dougherty (who wrote X2, among other things) first came up with the idea, which they pitched to Orci's production company, which is how Favreau found out about it, and then everyone piled on for one big comic-book-tinged orgy of geekiness and clout to craft stories — nay, franchises! — about secrets, power, and the supernatural. Nerds, start registering your fan domains ... now. [Deadline]