Watch a Rapid-Fire Montage of Glee Positive Reinforcement


When they're not on the receiving end of a tossed slushie or being deemed outcasts by "ginger supremacists," Glee's McKinley High group can be known to hurl some pretty mean-spirited insults themselves. But there's still plenty of sweetness flying around those halls. If anyone's going to offer a sad student a pick-me-up, it's likely to be a fellow glee clubber who'll step in and tell them how amazing they look, or that they can't win without them. But what about you, dear reader? Maybe you're having a bad day, or need a little boost before a big job interview. Maybe what your week needs is Finn telling you over and over "You're awesome!" or Kurt reminding you that "You're extraordinary!" Check out our video compilation for that and more. Unsurprisingly, you'll get no props from Sue.