Florence + the Machine Host a Sketchy Masked Ball


What exactly is going on in the video for “Shake It Out,” the excellent second single from Florence + the Machine’s upcoming Ceremonials? It is not totally clear! At first glance, it looks kind of like an Eyes Wide Shut reenactment party, or perhaps an induction ceremony into some sort of Illuminati-like Renaissance horrorcore secret society. (It is our understanding that every secret-society ritual involves placing a glitter mask on an inductee and then forcing him or her to flail around in a circle.) Then there’s a very important Treasure Chest Presentation, an upstairs tango with a maybe-vampire, and what looks like a séance, though that could just be how vampires prepare for dinner. (Seriously, that guy at the head of the table is terrifying.) Between the Venetian masks, the treasure chest, and the capes, you being to wonder whether Florence maybe wandered onto a Lady Gaga set and just started filming, crazy concepts, dance moves and all. Still, whatever the hell is happening, this looks like a fun party. Chair smashing: always the sign of a great party.