Full Tintin Trailer: A Sweeping Adventure Through the Uncanny Valley


The last two Tintin trailers felt like they had something to hide: In the first teaser, you barely saw the title character, and though Tintin was ever-present in the second trailer, you rarely saw him speaking lines. In the new, full trailer — the most successful Tintin ad yet — director Steven Spielberg has finally given up on hiding his lead character, and while T's motion-captured look is still slightly unnerving (as opposed to the great work done on Andy Serkis's Captain Haddock), who even has time to concentrate on that when there's so much action on display? The trailer closes with a thrilling sustained shot of Tintin riding a motorcycle off a roof and then careening down a cable suspended high above a crowded marketplace, and though it looks tremendously like a PlayStation 3 game, it's also an instant sell. (There is one thing the ad campaign is still hesitant to mention, though: The title The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has been snipped to the only slightly more butch The Adventures of Tintin.)