Full War Horse Trailer: Yay or Neigh?


The full trailer for sight-unseen Oscar front-runner War Horse is out, and it goes a long way to reinforce all its award-friendly, Spielberg-directed bona fides. It's a boy-loves-his-horse story on the level of E.T., yet also a World War I battle-drenched drama with the scale of Saving Private Ryan! And you will cry, because look, here is a shot of a young girl crying! (Alongside so many shots of the titular horse running from left to right and avoiding obstacles that we think this would have been a great Super Nintendo game back in the day.) It even comes with its very own built-in catchphrase: "Be brave," repeated three times. And yes, it sounds like something Mr. Schuester or Tim Gunn might say, but it's also salient advice for this film's newly nervous Oscar competition.