George Clooney Explains How He Thinks Actors and Politicians Are Similar


While in London to promote his recent political thriller, Ides of March, George Clooney said that D.C. is only kind of (as the saying goes) like Hollywood for ugly people. While residents of both have "huge egos," he's concluded that politicians still manage to beat actors in the insane confidence contest: “Actors have huge egos. But the ego it takes to put your chin in the air for a photo — politicians have a tremendous amount of ego to be able to do those. It’s very hard when the product you’re selling to the entire country is yourself. That takes ego, which is really tricky to embrace as a politician. They really are saying ‘I’m the best.'" It's not clear what Clooney believes actors are attempting to communicate when they do a photoshoot, but he does think they're more "generous" to their peers than politicians are: "Most actors are pretty kind to one another, because you’re so lucky to be a film, and you understand that. It’s not just your brilliance that got you there." Exactly — it's mostly your looks. [HuffPo]