Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Inside Inside


This week on The Greatest Show of Our Time, portmanteaus abounded as Blair (finally?) put to rest any doubts about Dair, we all longed for Chair's resurrection, and Blouis refused to die. While almost everyone took offense at their Inside avatars, you either loved Lonely Boy for pulling his flannels out of storage and finally telling it to Serena like it is, or hated him for taking up any of Blair's screen time. Either way, Nate's mangs-trim occasioned more than one nod from the commentariat, who continue to demand an end to Louis and his microscopic expressive range. Next week, Mr. Hall returns to throw the Waspiness of the Upper East Side into sharp relief. On to this week's recap of the recap, brought to you by Lucia Martinez.

• "-5 for Chuck drinking Scotch out of a red wine carafe/decanter. What's next? Serena drinking her dirty martinis out of Solo cups? On second thought..." —SUGAR1985