Gossip Girl Recap Recap: That Time We Fell in Love With a Puppy Named Monkey


This week, Gossip Girl continues to skirt the lines between unrealistic, really unrealistic, and complete and utter fantasy. Whether eyes are rolling out of disgust for the ridiculous antics of the U.E.S. royalty or glued to the screen infatuated with them, loyal fans will always have an opinion. Even with Blair's refusal to look at the paternity test results and Nate's steamy and schemey "internship," we were obsessed with Chuck's new BFF, Monkey, a.k.a. a puppy. Looks like everyone has emotions after all. On to this week's recap of the recap, brought to you by Kara Landsman.

• "Chuck names his dog Monkey. Plus 5. Nice book series reference." —SCHEMINGWITHSCONES