Harry Shearer Speaks Up About The Simpsons


To boil down the current Simpsons-Fox contract dispute: Fox wanted the producers and actors to take a 45 percent pay cut to continue the show. The actors offered to take a 30 percent pay cut, in exchange for some piece of the show's back end. Fox said no. The producers agreed to the 45 percent cut, and negotiations with the actors are still ongoing. Enter Harry Shearer. He voices many, many characters on The Simpsons (Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders etc.) and took to his Facebook page to address the issue and imply Fox is being illogical and greedy. If they say they can't continue the show without making pay cuts, fine. Cut his pay 70 percent. Just give him a little profit participation.

Statement from "The Simpsons" Star Harry Shearer About The Cast's Negotiations [Facebook]