Homeland Recap: An Affair to Forget

Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody and Diego Klattenhoff Mike Faber in Homeland (episode 3) - Photo: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: homeland_102_0622 Copyright: Showtime 2011
Episode Title
Clean Skin

For an episode that features the first body count of the season (at least, the first that didn't happen in flashback), "Clean Skin" was probably the least eventful of Homeland's first three episodes. On a show that's written and acted as well as this, that's not necessarily a fatal flaw, but I especially thought the "Brody at Home" portions of the episode seemed to advance the story very little, while focusing on the characters I care about the least.

But more important — yes, more important than imminent terrorist threats — is a terror more homegrown than even Nicholas Brody. We need to talk about the state of Carrie's refrigerator. This makes three consecutive weeks that poor Virgil has remarked on the shockingly barren state of Carrie's fridge, which makes it a more prominent supporting character than Lynne or Prince Farid or Bin Walid. For Virgil's sake, if no one else, somebody needs to get that lady signed up with Fresh Direct, like, yesterday.