How I Met Your Mother Recap: Stand and Deliver

How I Met Your Mother
Episode Title
Field Trip

Enjoyment of last night’s episode was probably affected by at least one of these three things: (1) How much you like Star Wars jokes; (2) How much you like Twilight jokes; (3) How much you love shout-outs to Friday Night Lights. For us, two out of three isn’t bad.

Back to Kevin and Robin: In the silliest development imaginable, she decided to become his therapist so as to even out the imbalance between them, which resulted in lame counseling tropes. It’s not worth getting too riled up over because, clearly, the season is leading us by the nose toward a showdown between Barney, Robin, and Ted. Kevin, much like Zoey, is stuck stalling for time. And Penn deserved more than a walk-on role, so his continued presence, while predictably limited, isn’t unwelcome. Still, this was early season fare, which in the late era of a series means somewhat forgettable episodes. Until next week …