Howdy Ho! Mr. Hankey Should Be Used To Fight Rectal Cancer!


We know him. We love him. We squeeze him between our festive buns, and now in an open letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone improviser Michelle Dobrawsky makes the exceedingly persuasive argument for South Park’s Mr. Hankey to join the fight against rectal cancer. “I propose promoting and licensing Mr. Hankey as the official ambassador for rectal cancer. I can’t think of a more appropriate spokesturd,” Michelle writes on her Tumblr. “As a rectal cancer patient, I spend a lot of time focusing on that particular area, and its particular output. And to generate, painlessly, productively and naturally, a perfect Mr. Hankey, is the goal of my treatment.  (That, and not dying.).” LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE! Whether he be brown or greenish-brown, if his smell and his spirit linger on, we might as well put this little cheery bastard to work.