Hugh Hefner Remembers Playboy Club Uniforms As Less Modest Than Playboy Club Costumes

Still from The Playboy Club

Somehow, the makers of The Playboy Club were unable to find even a single original Playboy Club uniform on which to model the NBC show's bunny suits. As a result, costume designer Isis Mussenden was left to rely on vintage photographs of the Chicago hangout to guide her in the creation of an authentic look. She also checked her outfits (which cost $3,000 and come complete with built-in bra, French cuff, Playboy cuff links, bow tie, satin ears, and dyed-to-match three-inch heels) against the memory of Club owner Hugh Hefner, who apparently told her they "weren't cut high enough on the leg." However, as she told The Hollywood Reporter, she chose to stick with her more modest, reality-based design: "I sent Mr. Hefner a photo of him with five bunnies and the leg was exactly the height we used ... We featured the lower leg cut." To be fair, the sixties were a long time ago, and Hefner isn't exactly known for valuing authenticity. [THR]