Will the Next James Bond Movie Be Called Skyfall?


Sure looks that way! Online snoops have noticed that Sony just bought up a whole lot of Internet domains like "jamesbondskyfall.com" and "skyfallthemovie.com," which would seem to indicate that the studio has settled on a title for what had long been code-named "James Bond 23" through years of development (and frankly, we were getting a little bit used to the temp name). That's the same way the title for Quantum of Solace was discovered two days before its official announcement, though other recent rumors had it that the movie would be called Carte Blanche, after the name of the newest, Jeffery Deaver–penned Bond novel. Either way, it looks like the next James Bond movie will have a title that's sorta Bond-like but also a little bit weird? Pick your favorite! [MI6]