Jarvis Cocker’s a Book Editor Now


Pulp front man and solo musician Jarvis Cocker is now a book editor. The British publisher Faber & Faber, who employed Pete Townshend as an editor in the eighties, has signed Cocker on as an editor-at-large, one who will have the authority to acquire a small number of books for the company beginning in 2012. Faber & Faber is already putting out Cocker's forthcoming lyric collection, Mother, Brother, Lover, and hopes Cocker can "help expand its music publishing." Cocker, for his part, says he's "proud, and more than a little excited, to be asked to work with Faber in an editorial capacity ... [my] dearest hope that we will produce some fantastic books together," presumably at least one of which will be titled Common People, but whether it will be Common People: An Exploration of London's Lower Class, Common People: Street Style in Sheffield, Common People: A Novel, or any other myriad options we'll just have to wait and see. [Guardian UK]