Jennifer Lopez Burst Into Tears Onstage


Jennifer Lopez started crying and fled the stage after doing an acoustic version of "If You Had My Love" as part of the Mohegan Sun's fifteenth-anniversary celebration this weekend. (Here's a video of her performing, but it ends before she allegedly fled.) After introducing the track as "the first song I wrote about love," Lopez — who, as you might recall, just went through a pretty major breakup — launched into a performance that seems pretty much designed to cause a breakdown: "As Lopez sang, pairs of dancers appeared in spotlights around her — each portraying the American Idol judge and one of her former lovers, including Diddy, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony." By the end, she was "sobbing" and, after taking a brief break offstage, ended up cutting the set short. "Everyone was so sad for her," said an observer. "It was really dramatic." Sounds about right. [NYDN]