Jersey Shore Recap: The Truth About Snooki

The truth is revealed about Vinny and Snooki’s hookup on Jersey Shore.

What a week! Nobel Prize winners were announced, and — surprise! — Jionni did not win for his theory on slowest train travel out of Florence, Sitch did not win for his work with sweatpant creepiness quotient technology, and the girls did not win for their tireless efforts to advance women’s rights in the peace building process.

We are typing this on our iSnook in honor of the passing of a brilliant innovator, Steve Jobs. And speaking of jobs, did Snooki really give that David blowie to Mike? Here in New York, while protesters are occupying Wall Street, the real question on everyone’s mind is did Vinny start a grassroots movement and occupy Snooki’s beaver? Or 99 percent of her cuca? Grab your list of demands and meet us at the dirty dozen!

P.S.: The preview for next week looks awesome: Denna is mad and throwing silverware at Mike. Is this the good silver or did they register at Crate & Barrel for a decent set of “throwing silverware”?

Jersey Shore Recap: The Truth About Snooki