Jersey Shore’s Deena and Sammi on Their Off-Camera Friendship, the Status of SamRon, and Returning to Seaside


Between Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese, Jersey Shore saw some golden moments this season. Deena might take the prize for most ridiculous antics — the girl-on-girl make-outs, the pregnancy scare, her failed attempt to “do sex” with Pauly D. — but Sammi deserves points for her role in The Situation’s infamous head-bashing. We chatted with the guidettes ahead of last night's incredibly dull season finale about being off-camera BFFs, what to expect when they return to Seaside, and Deena’s Meatball problems.

So fun isn’t a word you’d use to describe your time in Italy?
Deena: I was just homesick, so I couldn’t appreciate it. It was a lot to get used to. By the time we were used to everything, it was time to leave. Italy was fun but —
Sammi: We missed our home.
Deena: Yeah. I’m a Jersey girl. I love Jersey.