Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino on Jionni’s Death Threats, Italian Haters, and Avoiding The Situation


He's usually Jersey Shore’s answer to Dr. Phil, but this season Vinny Guadagnino inserted himself right into the drama by smushing everyone’s favorite Meatball while she was broken up with her camera-shy Gorilla Juicehead, Jionni, for all of five minutes. We spoke with Guadagnino ahead of tonight’s season-four finale, when the gang says Come se dice "good-bye" to Florence, about hooking up with Snooki, aspiring to be an actor, and avoiding The Situation.

What other sneak peek can you give us?
I haven’t actually seen season five yet. I haven’t even seen the finale of season four. I just think it’s going to be cool to see us get rereleased into the wild. It’s going to be a real homecoming. Like, "Oh, the kids are back."