John Singleton Suing Paramount for $20 Million


John Singleton got his start as a college intern at Paramount, but now he and the studio are locked in a $20 million lawsuit levied by the filmmaker. Back in 2005, Singleton produced the low-budget hit Hustle & Flow, which he sold to Paramount with a deal attached that would let him produce two more $3.5 million-budgeted films there. "They just kept thwarting my efforts to make any of the movies," Singleton told the Los Angeles Times. "I gave them a number of projects and they were all rejected. It became plain that they weren't going to honor the deal." Eventually, Paramount told Singleton (who just directed the Taylor Lautner action vehicle Abduction) that his deal time was up, but Singleton believes that Paramount knowingly ran out the clock and kept that deadline from him. [LAT]