Jon Stewart Will Appear On The Hotly Anticipated Rock Center With Brian Williams


I’m not being sarcastic or getting paid to say this, but it’s really obvious to me that Rock Center With Brian Williams is gonna be the chillest, hippest news broadcast ever. Here’s why:

1) Jon Stewart will be appearing on tonight’s premiere episode.

3) There are technically, as of now, no other “hip” news broadcasts.

3) It has “rock” right in the name! And not just like, it’s one of many places where people rock. This is Rock CENTER.

4) B-Wills went on Fallon to promote it via slow-jam.

5) It has a conversation pit (as seen in the tour B-Dubs gave Al Roker), the hallmark cool interior design feature of the 70s and beyond. I bet B-Dazzle and all his guests are just gonna like, get lit and hit the pit and vibe on some of the issues of the day while a lava lamp softly glows in the background. Honestly, I’m enjoying my imaginary version of this show so much, I almost don’t want the real show to premiere.