Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyes Django Unchained


Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be joining Quentin Tarantino's new movie, Django Unchained. Variety reports that Gordon-Levitt is currently in talks for a role in the film, though its January shoot initially conflicted with promotional duties for his upcoming bike messenger movie Premium Rush ... which coincidentally got bumped from January to August today. That should help! No word yet on whom Gordon-Levitt would play; there is a wealth of bad guy bit parts left, as well as the small role of Scotty Harmony, the sweet, shy 24-year-old who falls in love with Django's slave wife. Django's set for a Christmas 2012 bow, while Gordon-Levitt's currently undated Lincoln is also circling December of that year — wherever it lands, Gordon-Levitt will have two very different emancipation pictures to promote next winter. [Variety]