‘Mistletoe’ Video: Justin Bieber Runs Christmas Game on Two Ladies


To be fair, it looks like he's just trying to be polite to that blonde girl, but still: a cup of hot cocoa in a Christmas music video equals a formal declaration of intent. (That's Lesson Two of making a holiday album. Lesson One? Don't forget your fingerless gloves. Bieber gets one right, at least.) Aside from the brief Christmas fair drama, the "Mistletoe" video is pretty much just Biebz, standing in the middle of the snow, pointing at the camera like always — but we do get to witness the latest trick from the Bieber Book of Romance. Ah, the old prom dress in a gift box! Classic. Okay, so when can we expect the "Little Drummer Boy" video with Busta? That'll include a full marching band, right? Just dreaming aloud.