Keith Richards Has Never Actually Seen Mick Jagger’s ‘Tiny Todger’

Keith Richards Photo: Mark Seliger/GQ

"I've only heard," Richards admits in this month's GQ. So, to update the Mick Jagger Todger Files: That's one secondhand vote for "tiny," and three, reportedly firsthand votes (from Pete Townshend, Jerry Hall, and a groupie) for "acceptable." Can we call it in Mick's favor at this point? Also, in case you're wondering, questioning the size of your buddy's manhood in a public forum is not a friendship-ending act, if you're in the Rolling Stones. "I really don't want to go into it anymore, because what is in the book is in the book, and the fact is that Mick and I still talk and are still working together," Keith says. "So maybe that was another balance that needed to be sorted out. Mick and me, two guys divided by love." Group hug. [GQ]