Kerry Washington Is Django Unchained’s Female Lead


Jamie Foxx spends the bulk of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming slave Western Django Unchained trying to find and rescue his wife Broomhilda, so perhaps it's fitting that the search for an actress to play her took a long time, too. Kerry Washington was mentioned as a contender early on, but according to Deadline, Tarantino canvassed the country for relative unknowns whom he could give a star-making big break to; ultimately, though, he returned to Washington this week and offered her the role. Washington's been working on the Shonda Rhimes mid-season series Scandal, where she plays the lead, and she's also got co-starring roles in The Details, We the Peeples, and A Thousand Words next year. Congratulations on your imminent Hollywood omnipresence, Kerry — you can make your dues payable to treasurer Natalie Portman and secretary Michael Fassbender. [Deadline]