Kurt Russell Is the Newest Bad Guy in Tarantino’s Django Unchained


After last week's news that Kevin Costner would no longer be playing Ace, the plantation overseer, in Quentin Tarantino's "Southern-fried spaghetti Western," as the Hollywood Reporter has called it, there's now a new ruthless slave trainer in town: Kurt Russell. The actor, who played the serial killer in Tarantino's 2007 flick Death Proof, is currently in talks to join Django's all-star cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio (the sadistic French-inflected plantation owner, with a special taste for slave-on-slave death matches), Samuel L. Jackson (the detestable head slave in cahoots with DiCaprio and Russell's characters), as well as Jamie Foxx (a freed slave at the center of the tale) and Christoph Waltz (the German bounty hunter who helps Foxx find his wife, a slave on DiCaprio's plantation). The wife remains un-cast, but DiCaprio's widowed sister now has a face in Laura Cayouette, who played a strip club worker in Tarantino's Kill Bill, Vol. 2. All in all, this promises to be quite the Tarantino family reunion, considering Waltz played the sadistic Nazi Colonel in Inglorious Basterds and Jackson a gangster in the 1994 cult classic Pulp Fiction. Imagine Kill Bill's Vivica A. Fox as Jamie Foxx's wife, and this could easily become the most recycled cast a director could ever dream of, and just in time — shooting is set to start in November. [Heat Vision/THR]