Lance Bass Is Producing a Play About Escorts, Possibly Starring Kirstie Alley As the Pimp


Kirstie Alley is in negotiations to star in a play Lance Bass is producing about an escort service run out of a fancy LA department store. The Fabulous Lies of Hollywood Whores, according to the Times, is still in its early phases, and no Broadway run is actually set up yet. The casting breakdown on Playbill explains that "the show is dirty, the show moves fast, but there is a deep and intoxicating heart that pulses throughout" — so don't be too put off by all the sexwork. Alley would play the pimp, but the show also includes roles for "the whore" (male, 20-30) who wants to fall in love, the pimp's assistant, "the superstar" with a secret, "the d-lister," a paparazzo, a mean British lady, and a character actress who "must have a firm grasp of Russian, East Asian and Access Hollywood-Red-Carpet dialects." Comedian Jamie Kennedy is also attached as a producer, which just adds another level of "wait, what?" to the enterprise. You are sitting on a goldmine, Lance Bass! [ArtsBeat/NYT]