Leonardo DiCaprio Is Advising Tech Start-ups Now


Permit us, if you will, to imagine this conversational outtake from the J. Edgar set: DiCaprio: Wait, who are you again? Armie Hammer: I was in The Social Network. DiCaprio: Oh yeah, what was that? Hammer: Oh, it's cool, dude, it's about Facebook and the Internet and stuff. You should check it out. Consider this one possible explanation as to how DiCaprio has found himself an investor in Mobli, a social-media platform that allows sharing based on location. (Another, more probable explanation: DiCaprio's buddy Lukas Haas, who is also an investor, got him in on the action.) DiCaprio has only posted to the site eleven times — and all of his "shares" are J. Edgar–related — but we have faith that he'll be oversharing like Ashton Kutcher in no time. Meanwhile: Good news, Justin Timberlake! Serious Actors are now taking their cues from you! [Deadline]