Liam Gallagher Just Wants to Make His Beatles Movie Already


The Liam Gallagher–produced movie about the Beatles' final years has a writer and a possible director. In the Loop and The Thick of It writer Jesse Armstrong is adapting the screenplay from Richard DeLillo's memoir The Longest Cocktail Party, about Apple Records from 1968 to 1970, DeLillo's rise from glorified intern to head of public relations, and the recording of Let It Be. Michael Winterbottom, already onboard as a producer, wants to direct, according to co-producer Andrew Eaton, but getting everyone's schedules in sync has been difficult. "Liam's great to work with," Eaton told Indiewire. "Because he's not from the film business, he's basically going 'Why can't we do it right now?' It's very inspiring." Liam Gallagher's petulant impatience: It's very inspiring. [Playlist/Indiewire]