Liam Gallagher Doesn’t Actually Hate Coldplay


Though the younger Gallagher is famous for making delightfully rude comments about his musical peers, Liam assured us that his brother Noel's recent, Chris Martin–related claim ("Liam fucking hates Coldplay, which made me love them a little bit more.") is incorrect. "I don't hate 'em!" he told us at last night's WGSN Global Fashion Awards, where he was honored for his Pretty Green clothing line (the one that is better than Jay-Z's). "I don't hate anyone," he added. "I just like to wind people up. But yeah, I'm not a big fan." So, for the record: Liam Gallagher is only moderately disinterested in Coldplay, and he carries hate in his heart for no man. Noel should be surprised to learn at least one of these facts.