Watch Colin Farrell and David Thewlis in an Exclusive Clip From London Boulevard


In William Monahan's directorial debut London Boulevard, Colin Farrell plays an ex-con hired to work for a reclusive movie star (Keira Knightley), which doesn't sound like such a bad gig to get. Indeed, in this exclusive clip, Farrell learns his job duties from Knightley's eccentric, trusted friend, played by a gentle David Thewlis, who initially seems like quite a change from the rough sort of guys Farrell is used to in jail. And then things change, and though we won't spoil exactly how they change, we'd better advise you that the language takes an abrupt turn for the NSFW. You can watch the whole movie now on demand via IFC in Theaters; meanwhile, London Boulevard is set to come out in New York theaters on November 11.