Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Thinks He’s Most Like Peggy Olsen


Weiner, the one-man team largely responsible for AMC's Mad Men masterpiece — which has since spawned knockoffs at competing networks — dished to the Times this past week on all his pet peeves and quirks, and there's a few little Mad Man–erisms to be had. First, that the character on the show he most identifies with is Don Draper's secretary turned rising star Peggy Olsen. Secondly, while he prefers a Pimm's Cup, if he ever needs a "real drink," he's true to the world he's brought into so many American homes: whiskey. As for his abiding Don Draper fantasy, he wasn't exactly forthcoming: "He does a lot of things I wish I could do. But because I write about the consequences of those things, I really don’t fantasize about being him." He would, however, like to drive that swishy '62 Cadillac. Wouldn't we all. [NYT]