Marc Cherry Is Adapting a Telenovela About Maids


Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is working on another female ensemble soap set in a cushy neighborhood that has a secret dark underbelly. Devious Maids, based on the Mexican drama Ellas son ... La Alegría del Hogar, is about a group of maids who work in a froufy complex where the residents have a huge fight about building a pool. But it's not just whining! There's also a murder, a disappearance, a suitcase of money, and in the Mexican version, a secret stash of Nazi paraphernalia. So it's right in Cherry's Desperate Housewives wheelhouse. Just watch this trailer (en español, but enough of it translates visually) and try to think of something other than Wisteria Lane:

"Things would never be the same...but no one knew exactly how much they were about to change." Ah, Devious Maids, if you're even half as good as this trailer, we're in luck. [Deadline]