Mindy Kaling Pitches Men, Rather Than Boys, In Glamour


I know this is really a reflection of Me and Where I’m At In My Life, but Mindy Kaling’s Man vs. Boy essay , excerpted in Glamour from her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, just makes me want to lean against a jukebox in a leather vest, hitting on college kids while chain-smoking Marlboro Menthol Smooths. Let me be your Brett Butler, boys of the world! Is what I would be shouting. However, Kaling makes a strong argument for dating a gentlemen who is willing to commit vs. one who is currently engaged in a drum circle. For example, men who own their own homes can screw things into the wall with impunity (okaaaaaay?)(OKAAAAAAAY?). Second of all, they are apparently better than freshly-ground peanut butter. Wait, what? WHAT? Now you tell me, after I’ve already faxed over my vest measurements!