The Gender-Bending Golden Girls Episodes Joss Whedon Won’t Let You See


The Internet seems pretty jazzed about Joss Whedon's secret on-the-cheap Much Ado About Nothing, but that there's more information about it — Alexis Denisof as Benedick, Amy Acker as Beatrice — what's really glaring is what we're not getting. Sean Maher (of the late Playboy Club), who's playing Don John, says Joss Whedon has his pals over to Chez Joss all the time, and they put on performances for one another. "Last time I was at Joss’ house, [Buffy and Battlestar Galactica writer] Jane Espenson had taken a Golden Girls episode and made it The Golden Boys," Maher says, and they staged it for general merriment. Shakespeare's great and all, but is there anyone out there who wouldn't rather watch Golden Boys? [Inside Movies/EW]