Does Michelle Williams Pull Off Marilyn Monroe in the My Week With Marilyn Trailer?


Talk to me, Harvey Weinstein, tell me all about it! The trailer for his Best Actress hope My Week With Marilyn has just debuted online, and does it push Michelle Williams into awards contention with her tricky lead role of Marilyn Monroe? Well ... hard to say. We've got a lot of faith in Williams, a very smart and natural actress who's also not quite an impressionist, and if you're looking at these short snippets expecting to see an uncanny mimic of Marilyn, you're not going to get it. In fact, Monroe appears to be the femme fatale of this small story, where a lowly production assistant finds himself entranced with and seduced by the actress, though everyone warns him that she's trouble. (She's also Marilyn Monroe! What kind of jerk is going to warn you not to skinny-dip with Marilyn Monroe?) Still, we'll find out soon enough whether Williams made it work, since the film premieres at the New York Film Festival this Sunday, October 9.