Netflix Wants to Make New Episodes of Reno 911!

Reno 911 Photo: Comedy Central

Vulture has learned that two years after Reno 911! was canceled by Comedy Central, Netflix is in discussions with the show's producers about possibly getting Lieutenant Dangle back into his short shorts for more episodes.

Shamberg is a bit more bullish on Netflix: “A show like Reno: 911! has a specialized audience, and there’s no reason to think that a specialized audience wouldn’t matriculate to other platforms,” says Shamberg, adding, “‘Product’ and ‘process’ are not the same thing. If you were Polaroid and thought your product was ‘film,’ well, then you go out of business. But if you think your business is ‘images,’ well, then you get into digital photography. I don’t know that [Netflix] is reinventing the entertainment industry, but the old models are breaking down, and money’s tight, so everyone’s trying everything.”