Noah Baumbach Won’t Direct The Emperor’s Children


Noah Baumbach has been about to make the movie adaptation of Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children since 2007, and Keira Knightley and Richard Gere have been attached to the film since 2010. Still, the movie hasn't gotten much closer to actually being made, and with Baumbach going into production on his new film, While We're Young, the following should come as no surprise: Scott Cooper, the man who directed Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, will reportedly take over directing Emperor's. (Nothing prepares you to tell the story of three privileged, entangled Brown graduates in the months leading up to 9/11 like the country music circuit!) Additionally, Rachel McAdams and Emma Thompson have joined the cast. If Keira Knigtley is, in fact, still attached to the film, we assume she'll be playing the beautiful and cosmopolitan-despite-living-at-home Marina Thwaite, which leaves McAdams to play Danielle Minkoff, the less obviously gorgeous, more awkward friend who embarks on a love affair with Marina's father, Murray (the Richard Gere part). Just to repeat, the less obviously gorgeous, more awkward friend is being played by Rachel McAdams, so our fingers are half crossed that McAdams is actually onboard to play Marina, and some actually less gorgeous, more awkward — but still very compelling! — actress gets tapped to play Danielle. [Twitch]