Odd Future’s Left Brain Accused of Hitting a Photographer [Updated]


The ever-controversial OFWGKTA is in hot water once again: According to local news reports, Odd Future member Left Brain got physical with photographers at this weekend's Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, spraying water in the press pit and slapping one female across the face. Amy Harris, the photographer in question, hasn't pressed charges, and representatives for Odd Future declined to comment. So concludes your discomfiting Odd Future news update for the day (but not, we are guessing, for the foreseeable future). UPDATE: Odd Future's publicist has released a statement, which reads in part: "After telling the photographers to clear out multiple times (as they've done before) Vyron (Leftbrain) took a swipe at a few cameras, NOT people. To manipulate the situation to insinuate an attack on a woman specifically is careless and manipulative." [NBC33 via Daily Swarm]