Pan Am Recap: Affairs to Remember

Pan Am
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This week’s episode made me realize what I’ve felt has been missing all along: sex. Not seeing it, necessarily, but just knowing that it’s there, creating personal conflicts and giving the characters something to talk about besides whatever sixties social figure the show would like us to remember fondly that week.

Niko’s impressed with Kate because he didn’t like Nina for his buddy anyway, and after getting weirdly turned on while talking about pool, they decide to go have sex. The whole thing just made me really happy for Kate. Back in New York, Richard is impressed, too — it’s not just any Pan Am stewardess that could score an invite to the Monte Carlo VIP section (is he sure about that?). Kate bounces off, overjoyed at having finally completed a somewhat logical spy mission, on her way to eat a hot dog with her hot new boyfriend, whom she definitely isn't supposed to be dating anymore. It doesn’t get any better than this.