Paranormal Activity 3 Sets Record for Horror Opening


The Hollywood box-office slump is finally over, at least according to Deadline's Nikki Finke. Her proof: Paranormal Activity 3 opened this weekend with a $54 million box-office take, the largest horror movie debut ever. (Particularly fantastic news for Paramount, given the film's meager $5 million budget.) The Three Musketeers was the second-highest grossing opening of the weekend at $8.8 million, but still decidedly weak given the studio's low-teens expectations, which may lend some credence to actress Mila Jovovich's claims that Summit Entertainment didn't do enough to promote the picture. Also new this weekend, spy spoof Johnny English Reborn, coming in eighth overall after pulling in a meager $4 million. But for those true-blue Rowan Atkinson fans out there, a little good news. The film came out tops in 43 other countries, poised to earn $100 million worldwide this weekend. [Deadline]