Parks & Rec’s Donna Is One Step Closer to Royalty


Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has taken home the Nobel Peace Prize for her work defending women’s rights. Also, we are writing about this because Splitsider has become a deeply serious political blog. Update your bookmarks accordingly. You’ll also probably want to buy a tweed jacket.

Just kidding! Man, I had you going there, huh? You were worried about pulling off tweed. The really important news here is that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the aunt of Retta, or Donna on Parks and Rec. Donna’s blood relation to a real-life head of state explains so much: her Cleopatra haircut, her Mercedes, her affinity for getting foot rubs from her subjects (Andy). We can only speculate what the connection might mean for her future secret relationship with Jean-Ralphio, which WILL happen this season if I wish hard enough.