Party Lines Slideshow: Mary-Louise Parker, Chris Noth, Christine Baranski, and More at the Traveler Awards


Remember in Season 6 of Weeds, when the Botwins (a.k.a. the Newmans) bought an RV and went off the grid to escape Esteban? (And Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy had rough sex with a bartender played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, in the best three-name-actor pair-up in TV history?) Well, there's a chance the whole story line planted a seed in Parker's mind, because when we caught up with her at Condé Nast Traveler's Readers’ Choice Awards at the Edison Ballroom this week, we learned that her most recent trip took place in an RV. "I just wanted to take my kids in an RV, camping," she told us. Normal enough, but we were surprised to learn that she made her way across country (or "three-quarters of the way") with Hunter Parrish's real-life parents (she plays his mom on the show). "I’m close to them," she explained. "I’ve known them for seven years. And his father, it turns out, has a license to drive an RV, so it worked out really well." We must have been giving her some what-the-what eye, because she added, "You’re looking at me like I’m insane." Not at all! Did you have fun? "I did. We had an awesome time. I mean, I love a Four Seasons, too, but it was wonderful, yeah." See anything tacky while on the road? "The whole thing was tacky." Oh, Nance — Mary-Louise. You kidder. As for whether or not Weeds will be renewed for an eighth season, Parker told us she doesn't know. "They haven’t told me. I asked, like, four days ago, and they didn’t know." For more stories from celebs, click through our slideshow.