Party Lines Slideshow: Maxwell, Roland Emmerich, Fabrizio Moretti, and More at a Screening of Anonymous


As Vulture reported earlier this week, Roland Emmerich is almost done writing two sequels to Independence Day. But next up is his less cataclysmic drama, Anonymous, which opens this weekend and questions whether William Shakespeare actually wrote his plays. At the Cinema Society premiere at the Museum of Modern Art last week, we got to talking famous frauds in general. Maxwell's take on Milli Vanilli, for example? "I never pointed the finger at those two directly, because there were a lot of people connected to that whole thing," he told us. "I was looking at the managers, the record company." (The rain?) As for whether Maxwell thinks an artist could pull off a scheme so elaborate again, he said, "No, not in this age of the Internet and YouTube and Google. People figure it out." Speaking of technology, the singer also told us he has two phones: an iPhone and a Blackberry. "The iPhone is like a fun phone and the Blackberry is more of a business phone, because the keyboard is more tactile. You can be completely hammered and text. You can’t be a little tipsy and text on the iPhone." But aren't drunk texts a no-no? "I keep my drunk texts really concise so they don’t appear to be drunk texts; no one is the wiser. That’s kind of my philosophy." For more famous-people philosophies, click through our slideshow.