Piranha 3DD Teaser: Will David Hasselhoff Survive?


Piranha 3DD wasn't able to bring back Elisabeth Shue or Adam Scott from its less voluptuously titled first installment, but would you mind the addition of David Hasselhoff instead? The Baywatch star is the key attraction in this new teaser — well, that, and women with fake boobs fleeing fake fish — and it's time to lay odds on his fate: Will he manage to survive and thrive as deadly piranhas invade a water park, or will those chomping fish hassle the Hoff by cutting him off at the knees during his signature slow-motion run through the surf? Even if he does succumb, he should be heartened by the fact that Ving Rhames clearly died in the first movie, yet returns here with brand-new machine gun legs on loan from Grindhouse's Rose McGowan. Yeah, so, this movie is a little bit campy, in case you haven't heard.