Rashida Jones and Michael Jackson Used to Supersoak Strangers


Rashida Jones is so down-to-earth that you might be tempted to forget one important fact: Because her parents are Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, she grew up hanging out with every ultrafamous person you've ever heard of. Like Michael Jackson, for instance! "He was definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure, and when I was young, it felt as if he was my age, not 18 years older, but with just a little bit more pep," Jones told Playboy. "He always wore those surgical masks. Once, my sister, Michael, ­Emmanuel Lewis and I got in a car with Super Soakers and went by a movie theater and supersoaked the hell out of people waiting in line. They had no idea they'd just been supersoaked by the King of Pop." That's great, Rashida. Now fix Rob Lowe's hair already! [Playboy]