Ricky Gervais Can’t Stop Talking About the Golden Globes


Ricky Gervais wants you to know that he's just really busy being Ricky Gervais, and you can't stop him, even though there's nothing to suggest that anyone was trying to. In a piece for The Wall Street Journal, Gervais recounts his first Golden Globe wins ("It’s nice putting on a tux with jet lag in 90-degree heat"); humble-brags about never watching his episode of Alias; regular-brags about collaborating with Matt Groening, Al Jean, and Matt Selman; and then reminds us all that he's not hosting the Golden Globes again because he doesn't want to and hasn't been asked. He will, however, be streaming his own commentary during the ceremony, as previously teased. "I host the Golden Globes like some businessmen play golf," Gervais writes. "For pleasure." He said right after last year's show that he wouldn't host again, then said it again a month later, wrote fake material for the Oscars, again said he stood by his Golden Globes performance, later changed his mind and said he was considering hosting again, and now this. Somebody doth protest a little too much. [Speakeasy/WSJ]